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Export your assets using Cut&Slice me

2013.12.24 update: you can download the 1.1.3 version here: Check out the updated FAQ.

Before we start

Some things you should know:

How to export objects

You can export one layer selecting it and then click on ‘Cut selected’ (it works with groups and layers).

Or you can export all groups you want at once:

It is easy. The only thing you have to do is include ‘@’ at the end of all group names you want to export, and then click on ‘Cut all assets’.

I don’t want to export all the doc, I only want all assets I put inside a group

If you click on ‘Cut Subgroups’, Cut&Slice me will export all your ‘@’ layers inside this group.

How to export buttons status

You have to put all your button status in different groups and name them as following.

I thought it was good to have a standard system to name layers/files that should be semantic at the same time. That is the reason I don’t use the same keyword for tappable an clickable buttons.

Status desktop mobile
Normal Status normal normal
Hover Status hover
Click / Tap Status clicked pressed
Selected Status selected selected
Disable Status disabled disabled
How to use the ‘#’ tag

Cut&Slice me remove all surrounded transparent pixels you don’t want. But what happen when your developer wants all your buttons status with the same size? Then you can use a rectangular vector layer on the very top of your group, telling the plugin the area you want to export. You have to name it ‘#’.
Why a vector layer? Simple: if you are using ‘Snap Vector Tools and Transforms to Pixel Grid’, your vector shape would be pixel perfect. No blurred edges.


Next version features

…and much more.



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  • Is this compatible for mac users?

  • shangrenxi says:


  • Alan Feely says:

    Just wondering, how do you select your base design in xxhdpi? I would like to automatically export in five sizes.

  • Thank you ! This is great. Just a little bit slow but still great. K from France.

  • Hey there, great plugin! Is there a known filesize after which the tool won’t work anymore? The plugin always crashes my Photoshop… (The file is 26MB)

    • I’m been working with files bigger than 150Mb, hundred of layers and never chrashes.
      Possibly it’s a memory issue. Depends on how many RAM you have, which is your file resolution and performance settings.
      Try these configuration in Photoshop > Preference > Performance:
      Let Photoshop use 80% memory.
      Optimize cache Levels to ‘Tall and Thin’

      • Hm… I’ve got 8GB of RAM and a relatively small file. It’s only 5MB when unopened … Really weird. Also already tried on another machine … Thanks for the quick reply anyways!!

  • I really appreciate your effort to improve the design community by creating (for free!) such useful tool. You are awesome! My two cents for following updates:
    1- Choose different baselines (LDPI, MDPI, XHDPI, XXHDPI) from which you can export the assets;
    2- Check in (or not) if you want to trim the alpha. (Adding vector shapes on top layer and rename them might be a pain in the ass if you have dozens of layers).
    3- Add XXHDPI exportation. (Do you have any idea when you’re going to release that?)
    4- I’d suggest to create a similar plugin to Fireworks as well, but probably this can’t be senseless since Adobe is killing it.

    Dude, I owe you two espressos! Thanks again.

  • This is a wonderful script. I’m just starting to use it and I love it! Can’t wait to try all of the script’s uses. GREAT JOB!!! (BTW, your website is so clean and pretty!)

  • Just found this thing and I might be in love. Thanks.

  • Hi!
    i have problem with this extension. It cant install, because error message: Failed to install the Creative Suite Extension . Please make sure the manifest.xml of this extension is valid and the Extension Manager recognizes at least one product which the extension supports. The extension will not be installed.

    Can you please help me?

    • Be sure you are opening the extension with the correct Extension Manager. If you open it with CS5, you get this error.

  • Absolute love this tool! But just wondering if there’s a way to export all of the Android assets into one set of hdpi/ldpi/mdpi/xhdpi folders? Or is that not possible? Thanks :)

  • I do tappable stuff says:

    - Do you need to have #s as transparant visible or hidden layers?
    - Can # layer be whatever (red, 50% opacity, 30% fill) and be ignored by the extension?

    - Do you need to have all groups@ visible or can they be hidden while exporting?

    • #
      in the next major version you can on/off your # layers with only one click.

      For now yes. I’m work a lot with ‘Layer Comps’, and I thought this was the best way. I will like to introduce a setting where you can pick export no visible layers.

  • Hi,
    I’m working on a mobile project right now and your tool is really great and very usefull!
    I only miss the option to export xxhdpi, so I have to scale up the base design in 150% and re-export again to get it.
    So I’d like to ask you when are you planning to release the next update.
    Thanks again

  • I will appreciate if everyone put his feedback and ideas here:
    So I can see how many people vote for a new feature. Thanks!!

  • Hey Daniel, Abi who interned at USN introduced me to your work and this plugin! Just wanted to say that I think it’s great. I am excited to hear you are going to add a feature to select whether or not to crop out transparency! That will make it much more usable for me.

  • Thanks for this great plugin.
    But the export buttons status with layer # tag don’t work.
    When i “Cut All assets” or “Cut subgroups” this :

    >group “menu”
    >vector layer “#”
    >group “normal”

    no images are export.

    Have you got a soluce for this problem ?


    • Sure! It’s as simple as naming your layers properly: “menu_BTN” and you have your button. Please take a look to the sample file!

  • Im sorry for this stupid question, but how do I install this plugin?
    I copied it to Plug-ins directory under Photoshop folder but nothing changes after I start PS again
    How do I access Cut&Sliceme?

  • Where the selected file goes?

  • Shyamsunder Shahane says:

    Does it supports Photoshop CC?

  • Hey thx för thé awesome plugin. Any Eta for next version ??

  • Congratulations are very happy with this plugin!

  • Yes it does work in Adobe Photoshop CC.

    I am missing jpg support, i hope the next version will arrive soon as Adobe Generator is only available with a Creative Cloud subscription which is expensive.

  • I have it installed inmy Windows 7 PC, but it doesn’t work. When you press the buttons they do nothing. My co-workers have it in their Macs and they can use it. What could be happening?

    • tghe tool doesn’t work on windows 8 64 bit , photoshop CS6 : the export do nothing !!
      The extension seem to work only for MAC OS ?

  • Done! It’s alive!!

  • Thank you!!

  • Thanks for sharing this awesome tool! Do you know what is the highest resolution for android?

  • Greate work, thank you

  • It would be great if the ability to create sub layers based on normal, pressed, and disabled also included, “active” states. Plus it kinda sucks that that sort of action is restricted to the “BTN” suffix. Could you restrict it to CAPITAL LETTERS instead? Then we could give it any suffix we like, such as “IC” for pressed states for icons like Android standard naming conventions.

    Otherwise, legend plugin! Absolutely love it and it has changed the way I work for the better. Nice work!

  • I have Photoshop CS3, for which the Extension Manager will not accept the .zxp filetype (it expects .mxp). I tried downloading a newer Extension Manager (for CS5), just to give it a shot, and that didn’t work. Any chance the plugin/extension can be rebuilt for us legacy folks? Thanks.

  • wow, thanks for the 1.1.3 version!
    And thanks for the xxhdpi folder!
    Where I can find the LDPI folder? :)

  • gorgeous work!

  • HI. if i export XXHDPI(800×1280) file using CUT&SLICE for ANDOID the splash for HDPI , MDPI, XHDPI, are wrong sizes.. Only XXHDPI splash is correct…. :(

    Can u please tell me how to slice properly for android rest is fine. very nice tool

  • This is the best tool ever, thank you!

    I’ve idea for small improvement. We all agree, that high resolution images for retina iOS should always have even dimensions. Maybe you could add option to auto resize canvas to have even dimensions by adding +1 to not even side. For ex. generated canvas is 10×11 => exported image could be 10×12@2x and 5×6, 11×10 => 12×10@2x and 6×5.
    I know that I could create “#” layer to cut my image with specific dimensions, but I’m thinking about automatic feature.
    What do you think?

  • Where I can find the LDPI folder?

  • I am new to CUT&SLICE ME and found it is a quite neat tool to export images from psd. Thanks for such a great tool!

    And I found below on your website, By Assets position, do you mean the coordinates of the exported images of the groups? Something like the left, top of the exported images (since they will be trimmed for the transparent areas)? And by using the coordinates info, Developers could easily position the related images on the app UI? This feature is quite useful if it is…

    Thanks a lot!!


    Assets position file log
    Error log file

  • I’ve been using C&Sme too by CS6 to at present(CC), truly this is an gr8 tool for our designers.
    But today’s expectations are comming up with xxhdpi and xxxhdpi with the leaving ldpi, so please update these things in that plugin. Also if possible custom export, choose optionts to ldpi, mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi.

    We are really aggressive for your next update because u did really a great work for designers.


  • Obadah Qandil says:

    I cant thank you enough, you cut my work time in half, and such an amazing tool for free thank you so much, i am building an app right now and you helped immensely, i am going to include your name in the credits as well as the website.


  • Hey i love thi splugin, i use it pretty much every day!

    But recently ive noticed a bug maybe? When slicing to Desktop, for some reason the “clicked” layer does not export. Any suggestions on how i can fix this or why its happening? My layer group looks like this:

    button_BTN <<group layer
    # << shape layer
    normal <<group layer
    hover <<group layer
    clicked <<group layer

  • Sergio Ballestero says:

    How can i custom the export folder? want to save it in the project folder,

  • The extension doesn’t seem to support @4x graphics for retina ipads. Will this be added?


    • Sorry Giorgio,
      Me and the developers I am working with, never heard about @4x.
      The Apple ‘iOS Human Interface Guidelines’ doesn’t mention @4x, so I can say it’s ok work without it (for now, until they release a super-retina device?)

  • When will the next version be available? Waiting for:

    Android 9-patch support
    Destination folder
    Subfolders creation
    Select multiple layers
    Export Smart Object in folders
    You can select your base design in Android: xhdpi or xxhdpi <<>>

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Nitish Verma says:

    Hi Daniel, I’ve found a bug!

    When I export slices in Android it exports
    Xxhdpi to 1080 x 1920 – CORRECT
    Xhdpi to 720 x 1280 – CORRECT
    Hdpi to 540 x 960 – WRONG | Correct Size is 480 x 852
    Mdpi to 360 x 640 – WRONG | Correct Size is 320 x 568

    IPhone is Working Correct!!!

    • Nitish,

      I don’t know from where you get your numbers, but they are wrong.
      Proportions from xxhdpi to mdpi are 3:2:1.5:1, do the math. The plugin is working perfectly.

  • How do export all the separate layers??

  • I would say it this way: I love you.
    Thanks for this! You just made my day!

  • I Have a problem ; my export-png is 118 px but I already have a Layer ‘#’ that size is only 112 px.
    I already activate “Snap Vector Tools to Pixel Grid”.

    So, help me please.

  • Amazing! when we can expect the next version? it will be very helpful

    Thank you so much

  • It works great, thank´s man you´re amazing!

  • mil gracias!! genial está la herramienta!

  • Lucky Laxadhish says:

    Great plugin… Thank you so much.

  • Hello!

    After the update to the CC 2014 – Version of Photoshop, “cut&slice me” is not longer listed as extension in my PS.
    Is there an update planed soon?

    Thank you!

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